Social Distancing Golf Play

As we navigate through these challenging times, The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club and Wigwam Golf are committed to providing our resources to the benefit of the community. As long as we are permitted to do so, we will keep our golf courses open as a respite to those in the area.

With the right precautions, golf can be a safe activity, while enabling people to get outside and exercise in the fresh air. In an effort to provide an even safer environment for guests and employees, The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club and The Wigwam Golf Club have instituted Social Distancing Golf Play.

***Update: The City of Litchfield Park has issued a resolution requiring Face Coverings be worn when outside the person’s home and specifically states that Face Coverings must be worn when outdoors if within 6 feet of another person and unable to socially distance, this includes two non-family members occupying the same golf cart and other sporting or exercise activities such as tennis if the players do not maintain 6 feet of separation. This also includes when indoors, such as in our golf shop, walking through the restaurant and when using the public restrooms. All patrons are required to comply.***

What is Social Distancing Golf Play?

Before Your Round

· When booking a tee time we are encouraging all guests to pre-pay. This may be done by clicking here OR over the phone at (623) 935-9414. We are only accepting credit card payments in shop (no cash).

· Upon arrival at the course, guests should carry their own clubs to the staging area.

· Guests arriving together or of the same household are encouraged to share a cart; Guests may request a single-rider golf cart; The Wigwam will not pair singles into carts

· Guests may also choose to walk.

· Club staff will be on hand to usher guests to their golf carts (if riding) or, if walking, to a service team member for check-in.

· All guests will check-in with a service team member outside of the golf shop. If pre-paid, guests may forego entering the golf shop, all others will be queued to ensure minimal occupancy inside.

· If a guest needs golf balls, a glove or other merchandise from the golf shop, four golfers will be allowed in the shop at a time. In addition, credit card machines and countertops will be sanitized following each transaction, and golf shop doors will be left open.

· Golf carts will be sanitized prior-to and after play.

On-Course Etiquette

· While playing golf, we ask the following:
-Leave flagsticks in the hole while putting
-Avoid using on-course ball washers
-Fists pumps and elbow dabs are encouraged over handshakes

· On-course food and beverage will be available at the halfway house and by beverage carts and include:
-Hot dogs
-Pre-packaged snacks and candy
-Canned or bottled beverages
-Credit card machines and countertops will be sanitized following each transaction

After Your Round

· Following golf, guests may take their golf clubs directly to their vehicles. Clubs will not be cleaned unless requested.

· If a golf cart was used, guests may take their cart to their car, unload personal belongings and then return to cart staging.

· Upon returning to the cart staging area, we ask that guests empty trash in the trash containers provided.

· The service staff will sanitize the golf cart following play.


We truly appreciate your business and ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this unique situation. In order to get through this, we all need to work together to adapt and overcome.